Club Review: Nightingale Will Kick Up Your Saturday Night

Those of you still mourning the closing of Greystone Manor can begin to move on because from its ashes has risen Nightingale, the new hotspot for Los Angeles’ VIP nightlife.  After a successful opening on Oct. 22, it’s safe to say that this club will have an extremely long and exclusive life on the LA scene.

If you can stomach the wait in line, a party paradise awaits you inside with delicious signature cocktails. Try a Tequila Mockingbird or your favorite champagne.

Nightingale appeals to the typical party scene with a huge main room that can only be described as metallic take on a Hunger Games Capitol party. A dance floor, elevated DJ booth, and several VIP tables make this any club lovers’ dream. On either side of the center, guests can catch their breath in the lounge/bar area. And those who need a break from the club altogether are welcome to the exterior garden for some non-shouting conversation and a quick cigarette.

Word to the wise ladies, this spot will call for more than just heels and a little black dress, because that outfit will get you confused for a staff member (not necessarily a bad thing, the wait staff is just as hot and stylish as the interior). Need one more excuse to convince you to buy those Louboutins? This is it. Pair those with a VIP club couture ensemble and you’ll fit right in.  As several ads have boasted, Nightingale is looking to be a magnet for the elite and beautiful of LA nightlife. If you have an extra hour to get ready and an extra few hundreds lying around it could be just the thing to jump-start your typical weekend plans.

If you already know you want the celebrity treatment without the hours waiting in line, get in touch with table/bottle service reservations ( or dinner reservations ( Make that call sooner rather than later or risk not getting a spot until 2017.

Make your own mark on the Los Angeles scene. Visit Nightingale any Wednesday or Saturday, doors open at 10:00 P.M. Just dress to impress and let the Nightingale handle the rest.


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