JustFab & Betches Celebrate Their Partnership With Fun LA Party

Fabulous fashionistas rejoice: Two of the biggest cutting-edge companies are joining forces in the name of social media, sass, and style. JustFab the online glamor guru and leading fashion-subscription, e-commerce site has saddled up with Betches, one of the millennia’s biggest trending social media handles. Together they want to spread an encouraging message to fellow badass women of all ages, sizes, and styles.

To celebrate the pair’s public debut last Tuesday, November 19, the companies’ filled West Hollywood’s The Doheny Room to the brim with VIP’s and celebrities to party well into the night. Among the elite group were Betches founders Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein, and Aleen Kuperman. Other celebrities in attendance included but were not limited to Johnny Wujek, Renee Olstead, Hazel-E, Brittany Furlan, and Chandler Kinney. Specialty snacks and cocktails were enjoyed by the attendees such as the ‘Basic Betch’ cocktail or the slightly sweeter ‘Betch Slap’, and of course, all of the fun was captured on film with the help of event photo booths.

This glamorous set up comes naturally to JustFab members. Opened in 2010, the site has quickly revolutionized the fashion world by offering its followers monthly, customized selections of shoes, clothing, and accessories. And as an added bonus, any orders over $39.95 are shipped for free, as if people needed another excuse to go on a shopping spree this holiday season!

A slightly younger company, Betches began on the blogosphere in 2011. What started as a fun hobby and joke by college roommates and childhood friends Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein, and Aleen Kuperman soon went viral. Now five years down the line, these women are owners of one of the biggest millennial brands which caters to an audience of over 5 million followers, which has resulted in two New York Times best-selling books and the wildly successful Shop Betches retail store.

Many believe that this partnership is an obvious next step for two companies with limitless potential. Traci Inglis, the Chief Marketing Officer of TechStyle, JustFab’s parent company released a statement describing her excitement over the new partnership.

“For JustFab, partnering with Betches just makes sense – we are at the forefront of using technology to better understand our customers’ needs and serve them with the right products, styling, trend information, and fashion & lifestyle content. Betches provides its customers with just that, along with a healthy dose of humor. It’s a platform where you can have fun with fashion & lifestyle content, and laugh with your friends over how relatable it really is. That’s exactly the type of partnership we want to offer our customers,” said Inglis.


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